The TOP Squash players in the WORLD of the last 30 years captured on DVD and Video
by Jean De Lierre. This site brings you the finest collection of Squash DVDs in the world. - Flashback moving forward isn't live, but we created this site in 2001 with that very objective in mind -- to one day broadcast the sport in live settings both on the Web and for television. In fact, we successfully did PSA's first live Web broadcast from Toronto's YMG event that same year.

A decade later, the web streaming portion of that objective has become a reality for the sport's professional tour's majors, and that's great. However, the television part of the objective that is essential to attract large audiences and major sponsorships to the sport remains elusive. Time will tell if it can be made reality.

Until then, if you'd like to watch complete matches featuring the top pros in high definition on the largest TV screen you own, then we have the DVDs and Blu Rays we think you'll enjoy. As for their prices, you'll notice they are fairly expensive so maybe we should explain. Please click here for the rest of that story.

Our archives date back from the early 80's to 2009. Watch how Willstrop, Ashour, Matthew, Gaultier, Shabana rose to where they are today, and see how they fared vs the champions of another era -- Power, Nicol, Palmer, White, Lincou, Beachill and so many more.

Enjoy the clips below as well as the one posted through the DVD section.


  • Good Day Jean,

    I have finished watching all of the DVDs you shipped over. What can I say really...I'm a Crack-Head for this stuff and you are my Dealer!!..and (also) in some strange way (without sounding like a freak'n phsycho!) a kind of soul-brother through our common love of the Sport. Many of the matches I have seen two, sometimes three times...and in that regard the DVDs are better than merely watching things live and then leaving things in the Memory-Bank. I can't mention how many times I have re-played a given rally...Ramy A. and Nick M. (just to name a few) really have pushed the game Skyward.

    Peter, Bermuda

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